Traditional Investments Management vs. The New Era of Big Data Investing

  • East meets West: Investment Themes and Practical Application for 2019/2020. What is in front of us, Geopolitics, International Trade, Policy & Governance Risks? Current investment trends in alternative asset allocation and macro-economic forecasts. Is the decade old Bull Market in the West finally coming to an end?

  • Chinese Investor Evolution: What are the global portfolio allocations needs and appetite and how to implement asset classes and improve the return for Chinese pension fund allocation? Assessing Chinese asset managers' global expansion in the New Era, what are some of opportunities and challenges?

  • China's push forward the Reform and opening up of China's Capital Market : Experts discuss how to further improve the trading mechanism and make the financial sector better serve the real economy. New developments effecting the Chinese pension system and insurance industry.

  • Perspectives from Global Exchange Leaders, Allocators, and Managers: Integrating the A Shares market into the global equities investing. Discussing fundamental shifts in economic growth, inflation, rates, international trade, and geopolitics. Exploring mainland China Asset Management and Private Equity Opportunities. How to best prepare for this Next Frontier?

  • Manager Search and Due Diligence, Mainland China versus the U.S.: Manager selection process, what are similarities, differences and challenges. Identifying China and off-shore managers. Rotation in Different Strategy & Asset Classes. Opportunities set in Greater China for investors.

  • Global Financial Firms entering China's Capital Markets: China’s stock market has the world’s second biggest capitalization but foreign investors can only access it via limited channels such as the Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor scheme or the Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect. Experts discuss current trend and opportunities including managers of managers fund structures.

  • The Rise of Multi-Family Offices in China: The sector comprises of private bankers, asset managers, accountants and lawyers. What are some opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders in this nascent financial sector.

  • The Digital Revolution and Disruption: Deploying data, artificial intelligence & machine learning to supercharge customer experience and intelligence. Greater China Inroads to Big Data - how Chinese technology firms are leading the innovations in artificial intelligence and big data.

  • Alternative Data, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Investment Management: Effective deployment of this new ecosystem to improve portfolio allocation, optimization, and risk management. Providing better investment outcomes to clients through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Accessing the Market & Regulatory landscape.

  • The Quantamental Shift. Using Alternative Data to Generate Alpha: How fund managers turn data and information graphs into informational edge. Allocators and managers perspectives on new datasets and alpha opportunities.

  • The New Frontier on Wall Street: Converting unstructured data into structured signals. Various Flavors of Alternative Data and their Unique Features -geospatial data, credit card sales, sentiment analysis, social media feeds. Challenges in machine learning and artificial intelligence.

  • Alternative Data and Challenges to Managers: Selecting the data from vendors, pricing, cleaning, incorporating data into processes. Better Data Engineering, how data scientists assess data procurement processes, how to reach the best insights the fastest.