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second annual beryl elites alternative investments conference

NOVEMBER 5-6, 2018

The Cutting Room (map) , NEW YORK CITY 


Beryl Elites Conferences are highly curated Alternative Investments Conferences.  Beryl Elites began as an extension of The Beryl Consulting Group, with the specific purpose of bringing together a diverse group of participants, willing to share ideas, develop strategies, and create synergies. Our conference partners include institutional investors, major corporations, hedge funds, private equity and venture capital firms, family offices, fintech, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and artists.

Beryl Elites Conferences enable the participants to gain new insights and vision, showcase products, explore opportunities, and establish business relationships. Expert panelists discuss thought-provoking themes, trends, and actionable investment opportunities. We typically host over 250 senior executives and decision makers. For past Beryl Elites Conference (Speakers, Bios, Program, Attendees, and Sponsors) click HERE   

Beryl Elites is organizing its 2nd ANNUAL ALTERNATIVE INVESTMENTS CONFERENCE to be held in New York City on Monday and Tuesday, November 5th and 6th. The conference will be featuring Emerging Technologies & Alternative Data. The mission of this conference is to bring together the world of investment management with emerging technology. We will address, among a wide range of topics, how Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and Alternative Data are revolutionizing and disrupting various sectors of the economy. This Conference is Chaired by David Teten (Managing Partner, HOF Capital) and Vidak Radonjic (Managing Partner, The Beryl Consulting Group).

Emerging Technologies & Alternative Data Overview

Disruption is here, and the world of finance is at its epicenter. Investment professionals need to upgrade their skill set to ensure their relevance in this new investment paradigm. Many businesses that are being disrupted by emerging technologies (i.e. artificial intelligence, alternative data, blockchain, digital media) will be addressed. The panelists for this conference will discuss the most thought-provoking themes, salient trends, and biggest investment opportunities that are revolutionizing various businesses and the way we perceive them. Our machine intelligence discussion includes artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning and their applications. Among other topics, we will also be addressing a rapidly expanding world of alternative data with the goal to better comprehend the value of companies and beyond.

These emerging technologies and alternative data are becoming more critical in all sectors of our economy. Innovative investment managers increasingly seek unstructured alternative data sources to help them outperform their peers.  Alternative data includes such actionable sources as satellite images, social media feeds, logistics, credit card sales, mobile geolocation data, and sentiment data which are utilized by artificial intelligence techniques such as deep learning and reinforcement learning. These will become increasingly essential tools for those seeking new alpha or enhancing existing alpha in investment management as well as to those eager to augment and speed up their operational processes.  We will discuss topics including how to process the alternative data and reach the best insights the fastest, the generation of alpha signals, investment analysis, portfolio optimization and monitoring, customer interaction and acquisition, fraud prevention and regulatory compliance.  We will also address new digital capabilities for expanding clientele and on-boarding and how to spot investment opportunities in blockchain by analyzing alternative data.  Managers and companies which devote resources in these areas will benefit from an "informational" edge.

Having a blueprint to implementation, a plan to scale-up and the right talent in place is critical to ensure your project results in the anticipated ROI. Emerging Technology and Alternative Data Investors Conference can help you with that. It can assist you create a road-map for your next venture with lessons learnt from those who have it done before, and give you the chance to ask questions and learn from experts. Together we will address a range of topics including:


  • Artificial Intelligence and Alternative Data: their deployment to improve portfolio allocation, optimization, and risk management
  • Artificial Intelligence and Alternative Data: the latest trends in private equity, venture capital, hedge funds
  • UBER Yourself Before You Get Kodak: the conversation with AI Leading Innovators and Thought Leaders

  • The Disruptors in Investment Management: emerging AI centric hedge funds
  • Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain: A New Alternative Investment Frontier or Just Over-Hyped
  • Investigating the Core Components of an Effective AI Project: data, workflow, and algorithms
  • An introduction to finding Alpha in Alternative Data: how these data set help managers differentiate themselves
  • Unique Data Sets and their Interpretation: geospatial data, credit card sales, sentiment analysis, social media feeds
  • Leveraging the Best Data Sources to Generate Ideas across Industries: finance, transport, healthcare, retail, media, oil & gas, real estate
  • Capturing and Retaining Value to Justify an Investment in Data: how are alternative data being used in investing
  • Digital Content Revolution: how can conversational text and voice driven CUIs assist in new clients acquisitions


  • Manager Search and Due Diligence: How to identify managers who are qualified and capable of making sophisticated and successful investments
  • Challenges in Machine Learning and AI: the markets playground is always shifting, influenced by a myriad of interconnected factors
  • The New Frontier on Wall Street: converting unstructured data into structured signals  
  • Data, Model, Talent, Regulatory/Compliance: four risks related to incorporating alternative data in investment selection process 
  • Better Data Engineering: how to assess data procurement processes, how to reach the best insights the fastest  
  • Alternative Data and Challenges to Managers: selecting the data from vendors, cleaning, incorporating data into processes
  • Uncovering Profitable Investment Opportunities: Natural Language Processing, Image and Speech Recognition
  • Emotion Artificial Intelligence: understanding consumer emotional engagement
  • Blockchain and Alternative Data: finding investment opportunities in blockchain by analyzing alternative data
  • Blockchain and Alternative Data: could blockchain help create better AI; could AI help create better blockchain

For past Beryl Elites Conference speakers click HERE


VENUE - The Cutting Room

44 East 32nd Street, New York City (map)

A unique expansion from our core topic - fantastic forays into live entertainment after the panel discussions on Monday evening November 5th will not only augment the learning exchange but help provide an experience for all attendees far beyond traditional networking. Similar to City Winery, our last year’s conference venue, The Cutting Room is not a hotel. The typical conference distractions (concierge, bell hops, that always-present plethora of tourists) will not interfere with the focus, or the fun. The acoustics are superb, with no second guessing as to what was just said from either panel members or those with comments and questions.  

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We strongly believe that an inspirational and stimulating environment enhances the networking experience among Conference participants. Upon completion of panel discussions, we will provide exquisite entertainment for attendees to enjoy a variety of shows.

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