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Come to explore Puerto Rico and its hidden opportunities at The Discovery Club, New York City on Tuesday, June 12. Puerto Rico is at inflection point to evolve and modernize its infrastructure and the economy following the devastation by two hurricanes last Fall. The speakers for this Conference will discuss and present the latest and most salient trends, investments innovations, and specify attractive business and investment opportunities within Puerto Rico via interactive panel discussions. This one-day Conference will provide insider updates and insights on Puerto Rico's legal structure, its extremely favorable local tax benefits, recently updated incentive laws and the industry sectors that drive the Puerto Rican economy.


Welcome LETTER

We are happy to invite you to our inaugural Beryl Elites Puerto Rico Investments Conference in one of jewels in the the Upper East Side, The Explorer Club, on Tuesday June 12th, 2018 from 11:00am to 10:00pm.

The first time I visited Puerto Rico and San Juan was at a UBS investment conference 10 years ago. The island left an enchanting and memorable impression which prompted me to come back many times. Last year after devastation on the island I deeply felt that Puerto Rico with its history of resilient and proud people will easily surpass its previous highs due to its location and its well thought out and defined business and investment climate and incentives. Puerto Rico still remains the most attractive American jurisdiction and it is at inflection point to evolve and modernize its infrastructure and the economy. As the famous saying goes, timing is everything. Some of the most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs in the world are not the best coders or sales people but instead are very good at seizing opportunities. I strongly feel that this is the moment for Puerto Rico and the opportunity is now!

By participating in this inaugural Conference your company will benefit greatly from interacting with about 150 pre-screened senior decision makers and industry leaders in a unique, genuine, and relaxing networking ambiance. I am very honored to be collaborating on this unique conference with my friend, the Honorable Alberto Bacó Bagué, a former Secretary of Economic Development & Commerce in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  Bacó Bagué's great insights and enormous experience undoubtedly will take this Conference to a very high level. Under his energetic guidance, Puerto Rico’s economy has embarked on a journey to a second grand transformation, where knowledge and service impact and strengthen all industries, both traditional and emerging.

We strongly believe that your Company’s brand exposure to our exclusive Conference audience will create new business opportunities. I can assure you that we will go the extra mile to facilitate your networking experience with our Conference participants. Our team will work diligently with you to ensure that you will have an outstanding experience and many successes at this event.

Looking forward to hosting you in June!

- Vidak Radonjic


VENUE - The Explorer's Club

46 East 70th Street, New York City

Fantastic forays into art and entertainment will not only augment the learning exchange but help provide an experience for all attendees far beyond traditional networking. Since The Explorer's Club is not a hotel the typical conference distractions (concierge, bell hops, that always-present plethora of tourists) will not interfere with the focus, or the fun. The acoustics are superb, with no second guessing as to what was just said from either panel members or those with comments and questions. The conference starts at 11:00am and will run until 10:00pm that evening. 



We strongly believe that an inspirational and stimulating environment enhances the networking experience among Conference participants. Upon completion of panel discussions, we will provide exquisite entertainment for attendees to enjoy a variety of shows.

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confirmed attendees

INVESTORS: Allianz Global Investors, Bahia Asset Management, BBL Commodities Capital, BlackRock, Cantor Fitzgerald, Carnagie Corporation, China Investment Corporation, Clinton Group, Deutsche Bank, DXA Investments, East End Capital Partners, Fosun Group, Investcorp, JD Capital, Gratia Capital, Harvard University, Harvest Gobal, Hinoki Capital,  HOF Capital, HSBC Private Bank, Kingdon Family Office, Lead Edge Capital, Jefferies, Lazard, Lyxor Asset Management, Marathon Asset Management, Meridian Investments, Morgan Stanley, Naylor & Co., Neuberger Barman Group, New York Common Retirement, Nippon Life, Offit Capital, O'Neil Securities, Orchard View, Paparmarkou, Protege Partners, Prudential Investments, Rocaton, San Francisco Asset Advisors, Skybridge Capital, Ten Capital Advisors, The International Investment Group,  Trinacle Capital Management, Van Eck, Xerion Investments
PRE & POST IPOs: Corium International, Guardion Health Sciences, Global Genomics Group, Heron Therapeutics, Mobius Biomedical, Nasdaq, Ned Biosystem, Respire RX, Sorrento Therapeutics
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MEDIA & PRESS: Bloomberg, Harvest Exchange, Reuters, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal


one-day Program & SPEAKERS

THE EXPLORER'S CLUB - Tuesday, June 12th 2018 

As the famous saying goes, timing is everything. Some of the most successful CEOs and entrepreneurs in the world are not the best coders or sales people but instead are very good at seizing opportunities. The aftermath of Hurricane Maria on Puerto Rico has created a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the prepared and the knowledgeable. Unlike other nearby islands affected by the hurricane, Puerto Rico is a U.S. territory enjoying the full benefits of stability and confidence from U.S. legal and financial systems. The U.S. Dollar is its currency, its work force is fully bilingual and highly educated, and it possesses the one of the most favorable taxation structures (0 to 4%) compared to any other place in the U.S. or abroad.

There are many reasons for offshore long-term investment optimism and participation. Since Puerto Rico is a U.S. Territory, its infrastructure, roads, bridges, water systems, and power will be restored, modernized, and in some cases, greatly improved. One obvious and significant bargain investors can discover is found in the greatly depressed real estate sector. There are enormous discounts currently available - in some cases 20-30 cents on the dollar. Growing participation of large and prominent U.S. tech companies can already be seen on the island, putting Puerto Rico on the tech-centric map as well as on a path to greater tech-savviness and competitiveness.

Puerto Rico's taxation is another very important reason for farsighted investors to take a closer look. The Conference will discuss the impact of Federal Tax Reform on Acts 20, 22 among others, and why Puerto Rico continues to offer better benefits for businesses and investors than any other place. In order to promote economic development, the Puerto Rican government has created tax incentives to encourage companies, wealthy investors, and entrepreneurs to establish residence and headquarter their global businesses to benefit from its current laws and regulations. Puerto Rico provides many special tax incentives for a wide range of industries including information technology, financial and professional services, insurance, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, aerospace, advertising, hospitality, construction, telecom, renewable energy, film, and entertainment. For these reasons, large public companies like Walmart, Microsoft, Amgen, Sartorius, Medtronic, Bacardi and Lufthansa have long invested in Puerto Rico and are committed to continuing to do so.

In addition to timing and seizing opportunities, there is no substitute for working with local experts. Outside companies, entrepreneurs, and investors undoubtedly require an experienced and knowledgeable local team on the ground in Puerto Rico – bankers, attorneys, accountants, real estate developers, consultants, insurance companies, as well as technology, energy and healthcare leaders – who understand the business landscape, trends and culture.


The Speakers will address the following topics via EIGHT exciting and interactive panels:

  1. Eco-System - the shift to Service Industries, and various incentives.
  2. Tax structure - the most favorable within the U.S., on both the State and Federal levels.
  3. New residents Adopters will share their Vision and Stories. *
  4. The benefits of U.S. laws protection and access to highly educated bi-lingual workforce.
  5. Lifestyle - Real Estate, Education, Arts - hearing from the locals.
  6. Healthcare and Energy - their place and involvement on the island.
  7. The Diaspora - holding Puerto Rico name high. Sports, arts and entertainment celebrities.
  8. What's Hot - AI, Blockchain, Tourism, growing foreign governments interest, and more!

* There are various material tax savings available through proven legal structures to qualified participants.


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THE HONORABLE ALBERTO BACÓ BAGUÉ is a former Secretary of Economic Development & Commerce in the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico.  Bacó Bagué is the Founder and General Director of the Partnership for Modern Puerto Rico, a forum that promotes co-investment, macro project promotion, deep dive thought processes, and high-level networking to lead Puerto Rico in the future.

Bacó Bagué is an attorney, CPA, and entrepreneur. During his career, he has distinguished himself as an active supporter of the development of the venture capital and private equity industry in Puerto Rico and has held senior management positions in both the public and private sectors. In the public sector, Bacó Bagué has held positions as Executive Vice President, President and Chairman of the Board of the Economic Development Bank and the Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico.  For four years, he directed the economic development strategy and execution as a cabinet level Secretary. Prior to his appointment, Bacó Bagué held several leadership positions within the private sector, including CEO of Marvel and Bohio International, and Board seats with W Holdings and Assurant P.R., among others. He has held several positions within international accounting and law firms., and currently directs ABB Capital LLC, which specializes in strategies for growth, governance and turnarounds.

Bacó Bagué graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Puerto Rico with a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration. He also holds a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Puerto Rico. He is an active member of Young Presidents' Organization (YPO).



VIDAK RADONJIC is an investment executive who thrives in entrepreneurial environments that value teamwork, creativity, independent thought and leadership.  In the late 1990s, after working for some of the world's largest investment banks including UBS and Morgan Stanley, he founded a fintech company that provides analytics to the hedge fund industry. In 2004, he founded The Beryl Consulting Group, an investments consulting firm, that advises mainly family offices on their allocations in alternative investments.

Mr. Radonjic has a unique blend of expertise across alternative and traditional asset classes and served as a member of the investment committee team at firms.  He has developed an in-depth expertise in launching alternative asset management businesses and has invested in long/short equities, event driven, credit, emerging markets, and global macro strategies. He possesses a strong ability to develop sophisticated and compelling investment strategies and has performed due diligence on over thousand managers across the U.S./Europe/Asia resulting in over a billion dollar allocations since 2002.

He is an expert guest speaker on global markets and geopolitics on CCTV (中央电视台), Bloomberg TV and i24 News and is frequently quoted in the financial press. Mr. Radonjic holds dual Masters degrees from Columbia University, School of International & Public Affairs, and Lubin School of Business, Pace University.


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